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Succesful business, a 1000 mile move, then divorce. Now what? Affiliate marketing, of course!

Hi! My name is Nancy. So glad you are here. This is my story. Let me tell you a little about myself. I became interested in starting a business online after my divorce. The problem, I didn’t know anything about marketing online, or more particularly about affiliate network marketing, but I decided to learn! Let me back up a few years … See my family (intact at the time) moved from my home state of Florida (and where my parents were and still are) to Arkansas to get a fresh start. The fresh start was particularly for my ex-husband because we lost our business in the Great Recession.  Since that time he had struggled to find employment he felt was both fulfilling and also lucrative.

Between the loss of our family business and our move to Arkansas, I ran a very successful bankruptcy law practice. However, that success was fueled by 16-hour workdays and extremely little time with my then young children. Those days were hellish and awkward, but also very profitable.

As the economy started to recover – I started to burn out. So we decided it was time to re-start my ex-husband’s career and looked for business opportunities. He had an interest in Arkansas and in fact, we had almost moved here 3 years before, but followed the money and stayed in Florida.

My world fell apart, and I didn’t even realize it

Thinking into Results to overcome challenges

Fast forward nearly two years after our move, and my marriage falls apart. Update here – the ex is back on a career path and I am winding down my Florida law practice trying to hold the family together – serious cultural adjustment for me and my children (moved from city to small town), aging parents having continuous health scares and near death crisis, sister diagnosed with thyroid cancer, husband telling me he is over the marriage – basically lost, confused and without the anchor of my marriage.

Needless to say, when the sh!$ hit the fan, it splattered EVERYWHERE.

Putting life back together again

As I began to reassemble the cracked pieces of my world, I realized that I never wanted to be so unavailable for my children again. This was a primary requirement for new employment and business opportunities. My sister was in eCommerce and Amazon, so she guided me and encouraged me to look at the many, many business opportunities on the internet.

Online Business Resources

And I did. And I spent lots and lots of money for training courses, mindset classes, coaching, … you name it. But, SURPRISE, I hadn’t made a dime. (Beginning to sound familiar?)

Then one day I am on a webinar for the most recent business opportunity I had signed up for (ever the optimist), and Misha Wilson is the guest. He isn’t even talking about his business and its opportunities, rather he is discussing the benefits of the other business – and, what he said made the most sense of ANY other leader, influencer, guru, or coach I had previously heard.

Right then and there I canceled the first business opportunity and join Misha and his Super Affiliate Network. I have taken more action since joining SAN than I had taken in the previous 18 months when I had started my frustrating and expensive attempts to make money on the internet.

So there you have it. A brief history of me and how I got here. Please take a moment and join my email list, connect with me on Facebook, Skype, … – just connect.

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